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For more information about ordering larger quantities and customization, please fill out contact form below.

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Thank you for your inquiry. We will respond within one business day.

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  • What if I want to order multiple books
    For multiple books on a same order, or to receive a quote for a bulk discount, please contact the Publisher, Wayne Dementi. (804) 363-0160 or by e-mail
  • Can I have the books customized?
    We are happy to offer special salutation and inscriptions for individual orders. We are also able to offer print copy customization for orders of 200 books or more. Typical requests for customization include the insertion of an additional page to accommodate special messages, brand recognition and provisions for a limited edition run. Customers may also add a design element to the cover. Shrink wrapping of the individual copies is also a popular request. Please contact the Publisher, Wayne Dementi, to discuss the possibilities, and for pricing. Wayne is available per (804) 363-0160, or by e-mail
  • When will the books be available?
    The book is available now and shipping.
  • Can I book the authors to speak at our events?
    Yes. Please direct your inquiry to the Publisher, Wayne Dementi (804) 363-0160, or by e-mail
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1530 Oak Grove Drive

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia 23103


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